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    April 20, 2013
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today is saturday, april 20. i'm alison camerota. thanks for joining us. fox news alert. captured and in custody after a 24-hour massive manhunt, teenager marathon bombing suspect has been nabbed and is in a massachusetts hospital. this morning a live update on his serious health condition and whether or not he's talking. >> from captured to killed. while one brother is in custody, the other is dead. what does the f.b.i. know about him? how the older brother was interviewed by the f.b.i. two years ago and why did they let him go? >> from a ghost town to rowdy raucous beantown. >> u.s.a.! >>brian: the city of boston chanting "u.s.a."
through the night because both terrorist suspects, one dead and one under lock and key. we have complete coverage as "fox & friends" starts now. >>alisyn: good morning. thanks for joining us. great to have john scott with us this morning. thanks so much for getting up early. what a dramatic and tense week it's been for boston. let's get to the fox news alert. the terror is over this morning in boston. suspect number two, dzhokhar tsarnaev is in custody at beth israel hospital at this hour after a very tense 24-hour manhunt and tense standoff and shootout with police last night. >>brian: the 19-year-old was found in a boat in the backyard of the home in a
town in watertown not far from where his brother was killed in a shootout with police. he actually would run over his brother that day and maybe kill him. the homeowner noticed a strap cut on his boat. they found tsarnaev inside covered with blood. >> the man who dialed 911 rushed to the scene, tried to negotiate with him to give himself up, but tsarnaev wasn't going down without a fight. police were able to take him alive. >>alisyn: we have live team coverage of the dramatic new developments this morning. molly line is downtown. first we want to go to beth israel hospital with the latest on the suspect's condition. good morning, adam. >> good morning. as the sun comes up here and the rain comes down, behind me here is beth israel hospital. around this complex, a very large medical complex, you'll find police at every entrance and exit.
police inside the hospital and a number of officers on the floor where suspect number two is at this hour. we did see two f.b.i. agents just leave this hospital about two or three minutes ago. our producer stopped them but they of course wouldn't speak as to the condition. the last we have received from our sources here is that he's in serious condition here with at least two gunshot wounds. we know one of those wounds came from that initial shootout about 23 hours before he was captured or so -- roughly 20 hours, give or take a few minutes. we do know he has other superficial wounds as well and is expected to make it. we don't know if he's had any questions asked of him as yet. investigators, we're told were going to wait until medical officials here would give the go-ahead for that to take place. he has to be stabilized first. we know he was in the operating room for a number of hours last night as his wounds were being treated. but at this hour it is simple. he is under guard here as the investigation continues. he'll be under guard until
he is healthy enough to leave. some of the questioning we're told will take place here when he is healthy enough to take questions. it is interesting to see increased security as many of boston's finest have a chance to get rest last night and into the day, there's others here throughout the night ensuring this suspect remains safe at all times, that no one would get to him. of course there is no chance of him getting away under this kind of guard as well. >>brian: adam, the high-value interrogation team will get to him. we understand if he is indeed conscious and does survive before reading him miranda rights; is that correct? >> i believe molly line will be talking about that a little bit as well. there is a loophole. there is a way they don't have to. so he was not read his miranda rights to allow to ask questions of him. we don't know if questions have been asked. they may have asked questions of him when he was under the situation he was in, of course being pretty seriously injured.
they do believe he is going to make it. that was something, not only important for them to do that because that is what we do in this society but important because of this investigation. last night we were told he was being brought here for treatment. we weren't too far behind the ambulance. as you made your way through boston, you could see many of the businesses reopened. you saw restaurants and bars reopened. at one point there was a small college and 500 students had gone into the streets and blocked off all four lanes cheering, holding signs and as first responders and medical teams came through that had nothing to do theoretically with this gun battle last night, they cheered them as well. a lot of cars had to go around. it was quite an interesting night last night as boston started to recover. at the same time this scene unfolded here with the suspect inside being treated. >>brian: they aren't canceling red sox games anymore. we know three other people have been taken into custody and are being
questioned about the marathon bombing. molly line is live in watertown. molly, what can you tell us about these three others? is it because they know him or they think they know something about him? >> this speaks to the breadth of this investigation, this information coming from the new bedford police department. they executed a federal warrant about 5:30, 6:00 in the afternoon. this was a quick move on their part. they went to the rock hill west apartment complex, close to the university of dartmouth, known to be an area with a lot of students live. of course we know u. mass dartmouth is where the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was a student there. cops executed the search warrant there at the premises. the suspect is believed to have resided at this apartment at one point in the recent past. investigators believe he may have had friends there, that he may have known people in that apartment building or were this that actual apartment. the three individuals were taken into custody for questioning. they're not considered to be under arrest.
investigators want to know if they know dzhokhar, how well they know dzhokhar, if they knew anything about this and probably a whole slew of questions. perhaps these people may be able to help them come up with a time line. it was a quick move on the part of investigators. they were in and out of there in about an hour. >> thank you, molly, who has been working 20 straight hours on the field. yesterday every time you talked to molly there would be a stream of cops going from one house to the other. >>alisyn: we have a new photo. it is the first time we'll be seeing it as well. this is suspect. we believe this is 19-year-old dzhokhar. you can see him straddling the boat. this is where he was captured last night after a 24-hour manhunt. you can say a five-day long manhunt after the marathon bombing. he's sitting apparently on the edge of the boat.
this is black and white. the photographer said there were blood did bloodied clothesn him. this is where investigators found him hiding. >>brian: you didn't know if he was passed out barely clinging to life because when the homeowner found him, they saw the blood, saw the body. he said i'm going to call 911. this is the first time you could see he moved under his power. >> lifted the tarp, found what he thought was a body. he thought the guy was dead. listen to the stepson of the man who owns the boat. >> the most important thing is there was a period of time that we, the family, didn't know exactly what was transpiring. it was just like there is so much information coming in. we actually were notified by a friend that there was a franklin street home on the television. of course i spun 180
degrees to the television to see literally my mother and my step father's home there with the boat that the suspect was found in. immediate horror just swept through me. i broke down crying because we tried to call. the phone was busy for almost 30 straight minutes. we tried cell phones. neither one of -- david or my mother were picking the phone up. my sister was ecstatic. it was absolute horror because we were seeing the bullets, you know, gunfire erupts on franklin street. as everything was unfurling. finally as i left my home to go to my father's house to see if i could find why no one was picking cell phones up or why we couldn't figure out where anybody was, my sister notified me that my mother had contacted her and she and david were both safe. they had been evacuated
after, you know, david had come across the suspect in the boat. and apparently the actual what happened was as soon as the ban on the -- you know, going outside, staying in the home was lifted, they kind of went out. my mother's health is ailing. that's why i'm speaking on behalf of the family, to respect the privacy. they went out into the backyard for fresh air on a beautiful boston day finally after a long winter. david walked around. the wind picked up. the tarp on the boat, as you've described, had kind of lifted, which he found strange. he went over to the boat for a closer look. he found a strap that had been cut. not torn or worn through. it had been deliberately cut. he then was kind of stranged out by the whole thing, noticed a small
amount of like blood in this area. and then he took his little step ladder that he uses to enter and exit the boat. he went under the tarp, saw a small pool of blood immediately there, looked forward, and because the tarp obscured a lot of sunlight -- it was gray and cloudy for a bit -- he saw what he believed at the time to be a crumpled body bloodied in the front of the boat. immediately panicked, he dropped off the ladder, called 911 with all the swat and physical police presence right there in the neighborhood and street, they descended on him. they immediately evacuated them. that's why their cell phones were left behind. whether or not the phone line had been cut or whatever, we don't know that. the phone line was busy. that's why we weren't able to find them for almost a 40-minute period. they are safe; that's the most important thing. and the most important thing now is that the
suspect has been apprehended, you know. it's a shame that it had to unfurl in the backyard of my parents, but you know, nobody plans this, you know. it's not like a lottery ticket. >>brian: you wonder how long he had been there. there's talk he might have been in the shed for awhile. there was reports the press said it's been a frustrating day. thanks so much. go about your day. i wonder if that was a way to get him out. >>alisyn: strange. the police came out, the coast is clear, everyone go back to life as normal. we're going to have a longtime radio personality -- >>brian: that is your beat? >>alisyn: i lived in boston for ten years. my friends have described how they have been terrified for the past week. >> they may have thought he had been watching television, monitoring, and
if they let him let his guard down, he would make a move. >>brian: you have to wonder did we know about these guys? were they domestic terrorists? it turns out the f.b.i. got tipped off by another country, perhaps russia or another nation that said you've got to keep an eye on the older one, tamerlan, go interview. the f.b.i. did talk to him in 2011 and they cleared him. they said this guy has been scrubbed. he's okay. >>alisyn: they assessed he had not become radicalized even though it sound like russian authorities thought he had. for some reason there was a red flag they raised. they let him go. >> not totally clear it was the russians, because the australians may have had questions about this guy as well. some foreign government asked us to check him out. we did. didn't find anything wrong. then they dropped the ball on their end too. >>alisyn: we're going to be talking to so many experts this morning and brick all the new developments -- and bringing all the new developments kofplgt up, he is captured, in custody. the 19-year-old suspect has
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>>alisyn: if you're just waking up, we are happy to report there has been an end to the nightmare in boston is that gripped the city since monday. the second suspect in the marathon bombing is in custody this morning but the justice department withheld his miranda rights upon arrest. what does that mean? >>john: let's talk about it with a constitutional law attorney and former deputy assistant attorney general under president bush. he joins us now. i wasn't even aware this could be done in national security cases.
tell us about how it works. >> sure. it's a rare exception. basically what it does is it allows law enforcement to delay issuing a suspect his miranda rights for a limited period to enable law enforcement to get information that would be relevant to public safety. for example, in this case one of the things we want to ask this guy is: is there another attack that might be imminent? who are you working with? are you part of a larger network? questions aimed at making sure public safety is protected, making sure we get any information that is time sensitive right now before he lawyers up and doesn't want to talk with us anymore. >>alisyn: we know that is vitally important because apparently the suspect planted other pipe bombs or explosives, at least, along the chase route. so they somehow knew that when they were trying to get away they had even, you know, planted other things to try to hurt and inflict more harm. so this guy seems like exhibit a to use miranda
rights. is it the experience that suspects do clam up after getting their miranda rights? are they that savvy or do they keep talking? >> in many cases they clam up. criminal defense lawyers are very good at getting their clients to shut up. as soon as the criminal defense lawyer comes in, the first thing he'll often tell his client is speaking now doesn't help you. it will only hurt you because you'll make statements that will come back to haunt you. that is the last thing we want to happen now. if this guy, who is a very dangerous guy by all accounts, left other explosive devices, we need to get that information right now. if we get this information a year from now that is obviously far too late. >>brian: i believe high-value interrogation team is on there. they are in boston waiting to pounce on any survivors and it looks like we have one. the real decision looks like it will come down to the attorney general. how long that period lasts before miranda comes in. as far as we know as soon
as he becomes conscious they could read miranda rights? >> it is a decision the attorney general will make obviously in consultation with law enforcement on the scene. the video we saw earlier suggests the guy might not be in good shape and sufficient to talk right now. we know last night at least he wasn't cooperative. we don't know if that was because of medical reasons or simply because he was noncommunicative. whatever the reason, i think law enforcement needs to take whatever time they need to ask him questions about the possibility of an imminent threat. >>brian: will the attorney general listen to law enforcement? >> i think he will. i hope he will. they are very sensitive to this. they obviously haven't mir ran died him -- mirrandized yet. >>john: a stunning discovery, learning the
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>>brian: the which brothers behind the boston marathon came to the u.s. and immersed themselves in culture. if they decide they want to blend in with the crowd and be one of us, how do we find out who they are before they attack on american soil? joining us now, former c.i.a. guy who also hunted osama bin laden himself in afghanistan with a walkie talkie, gary bernson. gary, what do you take from them? >> there's a couple of
things. there's a lessons learned and a couple of really important points. on the lessons learned, they just weren't walking around unnoticed. if an intelligence service provided information to us that the older brother was a suspect of being linked to extremists, that is a gigantic red flag. we understand there was some questioning done on the older brother and he was interviewed. how sustained was this process by the f.b.i. to cover him? did they just do an interview of him and family members and leave it at that? did they do technical coverage? how long did this go on? i served in the agency for a couple of decades. if the russian internal security services told us someone was involved with the chechens. that would necessitate, in my mind, coverage for a sustained period ofd that happe? this is the question for the bureau. >>brian: we found out in 2011 they questioned him. they are using the term
they were scrubbed clean. but in 2012, he goes to russia, comes back, sets up a issue with radicals from australia. if you think he's clean, at least track him to make sure. >> you need to have sustained kofrpbl of someone that's -- sustained coverage of someone flagged by a foreign intel service. it is important to speak to the younger brother when he wakes up and if he survives, the other question is: is america a new front for chechen terrorism? did the chechnyan extremists, have they begun targeting us? was he specifically handled by a senior member of the chechen terrorist organization? have they opened a new front on us? a really important thing to
know. >>brian: eight pipe bombs found in the house, other grenades thrown from the car, pressure cookers we saw at the marathon. are these guys highly trained in your world? >> they didn't learn that stuff on the internet. people can learn how to make a crude explosive device. the danger is they injure themselves. all sorts of famous terrorists get their hands blown off playing with these things. these guys devised a series of explosive devices; they got training. the older brother is likely to have gotten training when he was back there. without a doubt. >>brian: the i.e.d.'s, they were in iraq, went to afghanistan. this is an i.e.d. that hit us in boston. in your mind, should we expect these in other cities? >> i think people have to recognize that i.e.d. technology, as you stated,
migrated. started in iraq, went to afghanistan. the indians are facing i.e.d.'s. i.e.d.'s are taking place all over the world. 300 are detonated every month. have the chechens open a new front. we may see a wider use of these i.e.d.'s. god help us. >>brian: they made a huge mistake. they had russia on them who were ruthless. if they want us to target them, they are through. thank you for being with us. still ahead, he's accused of both the boston marathon on monday so why was he partying with his pals two days later on wednesday? information on the suspect you have to hear.
>>alisyn: if you're just waking up, we are happy to report that the suspect in the boston marathon bombing
is in custody this morning. you saw boston's reaction when they got the news this 19-year-old suspect had been found. >>john: the same kind of thing we saw when osama bin laden had been killed. >>brian: not only do you have 180 people hurt, three are dead, you have a police officer shot, another clinging to life, and you wonder when this is going to end. meanwhile word goes out on friday no buses, no subways, no trains. stay home. you're telling a million people stay in your house, don't answer the door when they knock unless it's law enforcement. >>alisyn: remarkable. a major, major metropolitan area and major u.s. city on lockdown. can you imagine? people described it as a ghost town. and the fear that people lived with because they didn't know -- they knew the suspect was capable of anything, and they had no idea if he was in their shed or was going to knock on their door or was hiding in their boat.
>>john: essentially these people were held hostage for a good part of yesterday certainly and much of the week after the marathon. when all of it ended with the announcement that the first suspect was dead and the second one was captured, boston erupted. take a listen. >> i can't put it into word right now. i'm overwhelmed, excited that we have him in custody and it's done with, and we can probably sleep at ease tonight. thank you! >>alisyn: this -- >> this is our neighborhood. this is our home. this is where we spend every single day of our lives walking down the street. right now feeling a sense of relief. as that cop drove by and gave that fist pump, it was great. >> knowing one of the men is dead and the other is in custody and he's still alive, so we still have a chance to hear what the
reasoning behind it is, it brings a sigh of relief. >> usa! usa! >>brian: what i found most astounding is how candid law enforcement was in most of their press conferences. they said we're looking for this guy. we found this guy. we're frustrated here. we need you. going to need your help. take a look at this picture. they enlisted the public's help. think about it. it was a call by the boat owner that summoned the police that ultimately delivered the suspect into the hospital. >>alisyn: after they combed the area, had gone door to door checking thousands of homes, and they couldn't find him -- i guess hundreds of homes -- then luckily the public does pitch in when this happens. >>john: we are hearing more this morning from the father of suspect number two, dzhokhar tsarnaev
while we are learning that dzhokhar partied with pals right after the boston bombing. >> good morning. the father of the two suspected boston marathon bombers was in tears when he talked about his sons in the states. >> [translator] somebody framed them. i don't know who framed them but they did. they framed them and then they were so cowardly that they shot the boy dead. >> the father told abc earlier in the day -- quote -- "give up. you have a bright future ahead of you. come home to russia." after finding out his son was taken alive he advised them -- quote -- "tell police everything. everything. just be honest." the father says his sons are very nice kids who have no experience with weapons and explosives, even describing his one fugitive son as a smart and accomplished angel. meanwhile in the days after the bombing, the young
suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was seen acting normal despite his alleged actions. he was partying with coeds. according to officials, the 19-year-old was on campus yesterday. judging by his card swipes, he made a visit to the gym at the university of massachusetts darting mouth where he was -- university of massachusetts dartmouth where he was a student. >>brian: you can place a bomb, kill a child and then go workout. joining us is a former member of the joint terrorist task force, steve rogers. the joint terrorist task force was not even in existence before 9/11. did it work here? >> it worked here perfectly. i've said all along since i worked at fib headquarters, as a military intelligence officer, because of the fine work of the f.b.i. and
our intelligence agencies we haven't seen a catastrophic attack in our country. >>john: there are questions about this unnamed foreign government that asked the u.s. government to take a look at one of the brothers, maybe both of the brothers. we checked them out and said there doesn't appear to be anything. >> i know our intelligence agencies are so meticulous. i can give you this analogy as a police officer in nutley, new jersey. when we arrest someone, we finger print them. if they have never been arrested before, nothing is going to be in the data bank. nothing will show a red flag. in this case no terrorist connections to foreign entities, no terrorist connection to domestic terrorist groups. no arrests, nothing. they vetted him out, checked him out. there were no red flags. as a result, they had no choice but to let him go. >>alisyn: help us understand how this manhunt after. on monday after the attack at the boston marathon, all police had were grainy video or still photos of
the suspects. how do they go about figuring out who their suspects are? >> the n.s.a., national security agency, agencies around the world, c.i.a., all these intelligence agencies that make up the joint terrorism task force bring loads of information in. it's like a mosaic. they put all these pieces together. kudos to the police for getting those pictures out. we knew as law enforcement agencies within 24 hours something would happen, and it did. >>brian: what's fascinating too is one of the men who lost his legs, as soon as he woke up, he still is in a morphine-like haze, calls in and says take this down. i made eye contact with the bomber. he stared at me. i stared at him. that also helped. >> what a testimony to this. the people of this country are the extended eyes and ears of the police. we hear that in neighborhood watch programs. here at work, the police needed the people. the people came through. god bless america for that. >>john: he gave a description to the f.b.i.
of the guy. said i looked him in the eye. it was based on that description they were able to start honing in on the ball caps. >> they had a criminal profile put together. like i said, even through social media, you get all kinds of snapshots, a picture puzzle, you put it together and bingo. >>alisyn: it worked here to identify them and worked again to capture the suspect who was on the boat. >> what a message of putting cameras on the streets to help the police. these cameras hepbded -- ended up saving the lives of a lot of americans. >>john: is there a lesson that will help law enforcement prevent the next one? spoeufp i think we -- >> i think we did the best we could. a great lesson is to continue to include the people in your investigative techniques. here it paid o. god bless this country. >>brian: next on this show, what made these two brothers turn on the united states of america? they called this place home
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♪ [ male announcer ] sixty-two horsepower. fifty-three miles per hour. the gator rsx 850i. it's a whole new species of gator. >>alisyn: we want to update you on the other big story today and that is the death toll continues to rise as a result of that huge blast at a fertilizer plant in texas. 14 bodies have now been recovered from the wreckage of this week's explosion that leveled everything within a four-block radius of west, texas. many of the bodies are being identified as first responders. the president made sure not to forget the people of texas when he spoke to the country last night. >> our thoughts, our
prayers are with the people of west, texas, where so many good people lost their lives. i pledge that the people of west will have the resources that they need to recover and rebuild. >>alisyn: a vigil was held last night in west, texas. 50 people remain missing in that wreckage. the certainly will continue in the coming days and we will keep you posted. >>john: the two suspects in the boston marathon bombing lived here in the united states for several years. so what made them turn on the country they called home? were they radicalized by some foreign source? >>brian: fox news contributor walid phares here to weigh in. what do we know now about this latest chapter in the war on terror in studying these two guys? >> first of all, i went over the past three days into an analysis, a thorough analysis of the facebooks where they posted. the youtube channel of the
one deceased, the brother that is diseased. there are links from those pages, facebook pages to most of the jihadi organization that we are familiar with in the region. not just chechen, but also taliban and others. >>brian: this country opened its arms to these guys as far as we can tell. >>john: the younger brother got scholarships. they attended some of the best schools in the country. they certainly were not destitute by any means. how does this mind-set take place? >> that's the same question we had. we discussed it so many times. we had probably about 30 cases over the past five years of individuals either coming from abroad or even born here, and then at one point in their lives you have -- i call it the click. i call it a click when they were normal people, like other americans, and then radicaliization happens and
they start to look at america as the enemy. there is a transformation in their mind that they are living among the enemy. >>brian: this australian cleric, last seen in australia, born in lebanon, a little radical for lebanese pumping out d.v.d.'s radicalizing people. what could you tell me about him? if you were planning to stop the next attack, what would you do about those people with his d.v.d.'s? >> that's the next problem we're having. the radicalization is not happening face-to-face anymore that used to happen before or through travel. it is happening in a free space that is internet, facebook, youtube. this radical cleric, i saw the videos he's producing. very, very extreme. there are customers for that. those will prepare those people to become supporters of the radical cleric are an organized group. they little by little
dominate people who are not radical, the moderates, and start working with them until they convince them. then the radical clear -- clerics will bless any actions against the enemies, including the united states. >>john: i did some looking into the chechen mind-set and those in chechnya and supporters of chechnya come into two camps. the chechen nationalists and then there are the islamic jihaddists. would you assume these two brothers fall into the islamic jihad category? >> there is no doubt about that. from what i saw on-line there couldn't be other options. chechen nationalists are not necessarily enemies of the united states. actually during the 1990's, the united states was supportive of many of these ethnic communities, and even in yugoslavia, as we saw with bosnia and many other parts of the soviet union, we, this country, was supportive of these minorities, most of which
were muslim, against the russians. which turned the minds of the chechen nationalists is the other jihaddists. >>brian: now it seems clear he had a body bomb, the 26-year-old. they had a car full of pipe bombs. they were planning a second wave. the minute their picture went up, that was the go sign. they were going out. they were going to hit us again. >> i think there was not just another wave. i'm assuming there are others as well because these guys got training. these guys got some guidance from a third body. that's where we should be paying attention to. >>john: thank you. >>brian: walid says third party. we'll get to the bottom. family members of the marathon bombers say these boys are innocent. despite video evidence, they claim the boys were framed. why they're defending the terrorist suspect. that story next. ♪
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>> [translator] somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly framed them, but they did. they framed them and were so cowardly they shot the boy dead. >> what else do you see? government agencies do stuff. show me evidence. evidence! evidence! evidence. skhraeup that -- skhroeup that was the father and aunt. they think the boys were -- quote -- "framed." is there something we don't know or is this family in deep denial? let's talk about the psychology of the bombers as well. dr. keith ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the fox news medical a team. hi, keith.
>> how are you? >>alisyn: what do you hear when you hear the father and aunt railing against people obviously it couldn't be these boys? are they in denial or is this part of the problem that the parents and relatives are always blaming other people? >> i don't think you can call it denial because you hear other relatives of these men saying how horrified they are, how reprehensible this is. so as a psychiatrist and a forensic psychiatrist myself, you have to think about the crucible in which these young men were created. and they were created partly surrounded by people who are irrational, who are rejecting of fact and who could have left those boys feeling, by the way, very isolated psychologically and emotionally, very impoverished in terms of their internal world, even depressed. >>alisyn: we know that the older one, the 26-year-old one who was considered sort of ringleader, did he say he
didn't have any friends in the united states? he didn't understand americans? he did feel isolated? there are reports of a domestic violence incident against his girlfriend. is this another case of one of these 20-something-year-old young men who somehow feel ostracized and then become radically violent? >> let us say this: there are many roads to radicalization. one of those roads may lead through mental illness. perhaps those recruits who are most available to radicals are folks who feel that they have nothing, who feel they have no future, who feel they have been os extra -- ostracized, be it true or not because depression can make you feel that even if it isn't so. we also know the older man was a boxer. so we know that he would have sustained repeated head trauma.
i'm not saying this is responsible. what i'm saying is this is a forensic psychiatrist, just like the f.b.i. investigates, i would have to investigate and say how did he become ripe for the picking by radicals. that may be a psychiatric question. >>alisyn: dr. ablow, is it possible -- would we have seen warning signs as someone becomes more radical? should there have been a red flag somewhere in his personality? >> absolutely. number one, we have reports that he beat his girlfriend. number two, he was on a watch list. that's a separate matter. but the fact that he is saying things to other parties about feeling ostracized, feeling as if he can't connect with anyone, that he was reportedly arrested for some kind of assault and battery, this impulseivity linked with an impoverished interior world and tying in, if you kept track of it, that you worry about the guy being a radical, that's a formula for
disaster. >>alisyn: let's hope we can learn something from all of this experience. dr. keith ablow thanks for your analysis. coming up, with the massive manhunt over and the teenage bombing suspect in custody, the questioning process begins. process begins. we're live at the hospital. ♪set it off like a score alert ♪ beep beep what? ♪if you set your phone to vibrate ♪ ♪ then it might alert your button flies all the ♪ ♪ girls and the guys wanna keep that credit score ♪ ♪ high like a private jet free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ don't forget! narrator: offer applies with enrollment in
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>>alisyn: good morning again. today is saturday, april 20. i'm alison come rat at that. thanks for joining us on this busy news day. the manhunt is now over and the questioning process begins. the teenage suspect in the boston marathon bombing is in police custody at the hospital. we will bring you there live. >>john: when did these two men turn extreme? there is word this morning one of of the suspects was on the f.b.i.'s radar well in advance of the bombing but didn't raise any official red flags. troubling new details ahead. >>brian: he doesn't have the right to remain silent. he doesn't have a right to the attorney. the teenage terror suspect never read his miranda
rights and investigators did that on purpose. what does that mean? will that quickly change when he becomes conscious? "fox & friends" hour two now. >>alisyn: thanks so much for joining us. we have a lot of new information on what has been happening in boston. the terror is over. suspect number two, dzhokhar tsarnaev is in custody in a hospital in boston this morning after a tense 24-hour standoff and shootout with police last night. [gunshots] >>brian: this shootout happened after police said you can go back to your homes, walk around now. the suspect was found in a boat in watertown not far from where his brother was killed in a shootout with police with ended with him driving over his brother
and driving him 35 feet under the car. the homeowner noticed a strap cut on the boat when the lockdown was lifted and found tsarnaev inside covered with blood. >>john: that homeowner called 911. police rushed to the scene. they tried to negotiate with the suspect to give himself up, but tsarnaev wasn't going down without a fight. but police were able to ta him out of that boat alive. >>alisyn: we have live team coverage of these dramatic new developments. molly line is live in watertown with the latest on the investigation but first let's go to beth israel hospital with the latest on the suspect's condition. adam, what is the latest? >> we expect to hear something from the hospital this morning. overnight we heard a number of different reports from our sources inside. nothing official. but we know the suspect is under heavy guard, has been since his arrival. you can see at the entrance and exit at beth israel medical center there are six officers checking every
single person that walks in and walks out going through purses, looking through bags. a lot of medical students arrived here this morning. traffic picked up significantly in the last half-hour. we did see two f.b.i. agents come out. their car had been parked since last evening. they left, did not answer questions, drove o. we know the suspect suffered a number of injuries. at least two gunshot wounds, one to the head or neck area. one potentially to his leg. we know at least one of those gunshot wounds happened after the first gun battle when his brother was killed. this is the same hospital his brother was brought to and pronounced dead, also the hospital where there have been a number of the blast victims from those two bombs on monday that have been treated here. some were released. some are still here enduring treatment from the injuries they suffered in those two explosions. there is also something brian mentioned, and that was this: that the miranda
rights were not read to this suspect which allows investigators to ask him questions, potentially in the ambulance on the way over here. you know once he got here to the hospital it will be medical professionals that will tell authorities when they will be allowed to ask questions. of course they'll do that at the earliest possible time as this investigation continues. tph-fbg, as boston fine -- in fact, as boston finest gets a chance to take a breath, at least here in this hospital it is still under heavy guard. the floor where he is located under heavy guard ensuring nothing happens to the suspect as medical professionals here do their best to ensure he survives his injuries. >>brian: going to be interesting. they gave a press conference last night about the condition of the police officers who were shot. the first suspect who was pronounced dead. i wonder if the surgeon is going to come out and give a press conference this morning. >>john: keep him alive and get him talking. dzhokhar tsarnaev is in custody but the department of justice did not read him
his miranda rights when he was arrested last night. what does that mean for this investigation? molly line live from watertown with more. >> essentially this is all about public safety. this is a public safety exemption. federal law enforcement officials are invoking that exemption essentially to ensure there is no imminent threat to the public, no threat to police and find out what this individual knows. the exception according to the f.b.i.'s website, permits law enforcement to engage in a limited and focused unwarranted interrogation and allows the government to introduce that statement as direct evidence. like i said, really about protecting the public from imminent danger. here's car men ortiz, the u.s. attorney for the district of massachusetts.
>> that was the sound of course of the shootout here on the street, franklin street. carmen ortiz said there is a public safety exemption in cases of national security and potential charges involving terrorism. essentially they're looking at this as a national security measure. also on the f.b.i. website, they're reporting out recent events including that attempted bombing of a northwest flight on christmas day 2009 and the attempted bombing at times square. this exemption has been vital to investigations in the past. they're anticipating a pretty intense team of individuals, really the best of theest, will be questioning this suspect to find out what he knows. >>john: molly line, live from watertown, doing great work there. thank you. >>brian: six minutes after the hour. bill gavin joins us to give his perspective. what about the news yesterday that we found out in 2011 that the older brother was questioned
because a foreign government approached the f.b.i. saying look into this guy's background? he might have some radical ties. >> we were doing a reciprocal thing for a foreign government. when they brought some information to the bureau, the bureau did the background checks they should have done. they did some record checks as well. and then i think, if i'm not mistaken, they interviewed him as well. there were none of the indicators. nothing cropped up on the radar to alert anybody to something that might have been wrong. that's what they reported. it's a very difficult set of circumstances. i know there is a rush to say did they miss something? did they not connect the dots? should they have held him in custody? none of that can happen. what they did is everything they were asked to do. they tolded foreign government, should anything else come to your attention, bring it back to us and we'll do more if we can. >>alisyn: a year later we know that the older one set up a youtube channel and
put all sorts of incendiary videos on it from inflammatory clerics. is it something once a foreign government alerts our f.b.i. that somebody is on their radar, does the f.b.i. keep that person on their radar for years to come or do they just sort of dispense with the file? >> i want to say, alisyn, it is very tough if in fact somebody doesne up on the radar, that there's nothing there, i suspect civil libertarians would be palled to say you constantly watch this individual simply because of an inquiry from a foreign government at one point in time. if in fact something did come up, i'm sure the bureau would have kicked things back into full gear again. but it didn't. >>john: a couple of years ago, tamerlan, the older brother made a trip to russia, spent six months over there. there is some speculation that at some point during that time he may have
hooked up with some terrorist cells and gotten training in i.e.d. construction and so forth. but at least publicly the f.b.i. and other agencies aren't releasing that information if they have it. what i'm wondering is would there be travel records. would his passport, if he had gone to chechnya during his time inside russia, would that be available to investigators? >> sooner or later it would be, john. the bottom line here is that he does go to russia. a chechen going to russia, there is not necessarily a wonderful relationship between the two groups. if he goes back to chechnya and receives training, that is always a possibility. keep in mind these people have -- chechens and russians have not gotten along real well. we have the problem where they killed the children in the school, theater, hospital. it is a horrible thing. >>brian: we have these two guys.
the mom says the f.b.i. continues to harass her son and found out when he was on facebook. that's her. she has a conspiracy streak it seems. do these guys to you, bill, seem trained? do they look as though someone gave them sophisticated terror training? >> brian, i'm a push me, pull you on that subject matter. it looks to me they don't have the sophisticated bomb in the world but it is not the crudest bomb in the world. you don't make a bomb by reading a cookbook, you follow the directions and get a wonderful cake. you need to be prepared. there is something in the back of my mind saying there is something else to this story. >>alisyn: had there not been surveillance video, had the public not all come together to help f.b.i. officials identify these guys, this could have taken so much longer. it's hard to remember that years ago the f.b.i. just had to pound the pavement
and couldn't rely on all these surveillance cameras and social networking sites. >> alisyn, it's the greatest thing that has happened to hraurplts. i have to say right up front, 48 hours it took the bureau to come up with those pictures, do you know how many pictures they had to look at? over 100,000 pictures to come up with the right individuals. it was an amazing piece of law enforcement work. not just the bureau, but everybody cooperating together. this is going to be a big help in the future. it was a help in london when they had their problem. they have cameras all over the place. i think this is what's going to happen in the future of america as well. >>brian: bill, you know what happened in boston, how that city for five days was in basic lockdown. what is the message to new york, to washington, to orlando, any other major city? how would you react? >> you know, people have to go on with their lives. in america we will go on with our lives. we're a tough bunch of
people. >>brian: i know we will. what about you guys? do you guys change your approach now? >> we will continue to look at everything, look at the lessons of the marathon. coming up in new york on the fifth of may and i'm riding in this five-borough race, i'm going to be in it. i want to be comfortable doing that. but i guarantee you you're going to see a whole lot more police presence on that bicycle run, the 50-mile run, than you will ordinarily. they do a marvelous job in new york. they got this thing down pat. but there will be more antennas up to high gain for that event as well. >>john: a slogan that started in new york and has gone nationwide, if you see something, say something. a lot of people will be paying attention to that at these big events. >>brian: if i'm in the five-borough race i'm riding next to bill gin. >>john: an entire town on
lockdown and a city gripped in fear, all how two terrorists were on the look. has this week's terror attack changed the city of boston? somebody who knows them well next. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding.
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show host and the author of "rifle man." he joins us now. can you paint a picture for us of what boston has been like for the past 24 or even longer -- 24 hours or even longer where a major u.s. city was virtually on lockdown? what was it like? >> it was very strange. you would drive around looking to get a sandwich, looking to buy something, and these stores that you never see closed down -- places like staples. i was looking for a u.b.s. drive yesterday, totally shut down. restaurants were shut down, bars were shut down. people were staying inside. they were following the instructions that they were given to not venture outside. totally deserted. it looks like christmas morning, only there was no snow. there was nobody out there.
as soon as the terrorist was captured, it was like a cathartic relief throughout the whole city. my daughter goes to college in fenway. she would come home, but all the college gates had been locked. if you want to get out, you had to climb over the gates. but as soon as the guy, the terrorist was captured, the kids just swarmed out of the dorms into the quad and started chanting "usa clam usa! " >>alisyn: we're seeing flags flying and the jubilation once the suspect was captured. it must have been particularly terrifying for the people in watertown once the manhunt moved to that area of boston and we knew there was a suspect on the loose. did you find it strange, howie, that the mayor and the governor and the police all came out late afternoon yesterday and said, okay, we've combed the area.
we can't find the suspect. but it's safe now. we're not under lockdown anymore. you can go back to your normal business. what were they doing? he was still in the neighborhood. >> everyone was perplexed by what they were doing. it was just sort of like they realized they couldn't keep people inside anymore. another sort of odd point about it was that here was the mayor of boston pulling up in watertown. watertown is contiguous to the city but not part of the city. why was the mayor of boston making a statement to the people of watertown that they could come out of their houses. the police commissioner of the city of boston was there as well. i'm happy that the guy who owned the boat behind the house found this guy, but i can't believe that when he came out, he came out to have a smoke apparently after the curfew or whatever -- martial law or whatever you want to cl it was lifted. he sees that there's a cut in the cover of his boat and he sees blood all over
the boat. and heoe back to get a ladder to see if anybody's in there. i wouldn't have done that, alisyn. i would have gone right to 911 and started making a ca as i was walking away from my house. >>alisyn: me too. luckily it worked out. because of his tip to 911, this second suspect was captured. howie, carr, what a week for boston. we're glad it is over. thanks for joining us. what made these two brothers turn on the united states, the country they have called home for years? did one training from terrorists? our next guest digs into their connection overseas. it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from,
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. >>john: a fox news alert if you're just waking up. a second brother sought by police in the boston marathon bombings has been arrested. he is hospitalized now. he and his brother are accused of building bombs, killing four people and causing chaos at the marathon. why did the suspects' friends describe them as normal and sweet. >>brian: is there a chance they were normal men and did our foreign policy play into this? a foreign c.i.a. operative, head of the osama bin laden unit, what went into the mind set of these two that you can ascertain from what you know? >> i think we're going to find because of the internet age, because of the rapidity of communications, the grievances of the arab world against the united states in terms of our foreign policy, whether it's being on the arab peninsula, supporting the saudi tyranny, supporting the israelis is now a common thread across the muslim world. as long as that foreign policy stays in place, we need to realize that we're cultivating enemies. this is going to continue
both at home and abroad for a very long time. >>john: we should expect more of these kinds of attacks? >> without a doubt, sir. this is no reason to believe our domestic population of young male muslims is going to be immune from the propaganda of al qaeda and other groups that has worked everywhere in the world. this is just a problem that america needs to face. we don't necessarily need to change our foreign policy. but if you're an adult, you have to look for what motivates the enemy. clearly just as you described, these two people lived very comfortably in the united states, enjoyed our way of life, had really nothing against the culture. what they apparently had a problem with was just what i was speaking about, the impact of the u.s. government's war policy in the muslim world. and that's -- phr-r people in eus -- there are people in islamic countries carrying a grudge against the west for centuries
until a genius named osama bin laden came along and provided them with a core of grievances that are applicable to muslims whether you live in montreal or pretoria or western china. they now have the capability because of communications and the ease of acquiring weapons to take action against it, sir. >>brian: let's look at our foreign policy. if president bush had it wrong, according to some, don't go into iraq, don't make a big footprint in afghanistan, stay out of the business of the middle east, let them do their own thing, that was wrong. then president obama comes in and goes to cairo and says let's start new. let's pull out of iraq. we're going to be leaving afghanistan. now what do you think of us? that doesn't seem to be resonating well either. what makes these people happy? >> what moves made them delirious is the fact that we not only started two wars in afghanistan, but we lost both of them. no matter how the american president dresses it up, in the muslim world they have now defeated the
superpower. >>brian: we left too early in iraq. we were setting up a democracy in iraq. >> there is no democracy, brian. in fact, you hit on the biggest problem we have and that is mr. obama and mrs. clinton's big thing. the more we push democracy, the more we're waging warped civilizations against islam. as long as a major foreign policy goal is pushing democracy, pushing foreign rights on people who don't want part of them, they're going to fight you. as long as you support the israelis, the arab tyranny in saudi arabia and elsewhere on the peninsula, people are going to fight you. >>brian: if you support their government like mubarak, then all of a sudden you spoil your dictator. who are you, america, to force your opinions on us? you can't win. >> you can win. you don't have to be involved in everybody else's business. in your own life, how has it ever benefited you from
becoming involved in somebody else's problems that were none of your business? >>brian: we're totally pulling out and leaving a vacuum for other people to fill in. we're about to find out. >> senator kerry is going to support al qaeda. they helped them take libya. now help them take syria. this is a schizophrenic governing elite we have. they don't know what they're doing. >>john: he doesn't have the right to remain silent, no right to an attorney because the teenage bombing suspect was not read his miranda rights. investigators did that on purpose. but why? but why? we'll explain next. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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>>alisyn: welcome back. this is a fox news alert. we're showing you the latest images of the manhunt that ended last night thankfully with the suspect in custody. but this is a story that has kept boston paralyzed and terrorized for the better part of a week, since monday's marathon bombing. but it ended yesterday in the backyard of a home in watertown where after a homeowner spotted something suspicious in his boat -- some blood and a panel torn off -- he called 911. the swat team descended as you can see here, and they
found the suspect hiding in that boat. >>brian: an eight-year-old lost his life on that day. his name is martin richard. his sister lost a leg and the mom is clinging to life with a head injury. the family has offered this statement on behalf. "our family wishes to salute the thousands of officers and agents from the boston, cambridge and watertown police and fire departments, massachusetts state police, f.b.i., a.t.f. and other police departments and agencies who worked around the clock to bring the perpetrators of monday's attack to justice. it worked. tonight our community is once again safe from these two men. none of this will bring our beloved martin back or reverse the injuries these men inflicted on our family and others. we continue to pray for healing and others and the long road that lies ahead for every victim and their loved ones." >>john: that family has handled this with such grace. it is unbelievable to lose the boy like that, to have
the grievous injuries inflicted on the mother and the daughter. >>brian: the 19-year-old dropped the bag and saw there was a kid in front. he was ultimately lose his life. how heartless are you? >>alisyn: i heard one of the victims say they wanted the suspect to be taken alive so they can answer questions. that is what victims always wants. how could this happen? why would you do this to inflict this on our family and city? i don't know if they'll get those answers but because the suspect was taken alive they may stand a chance of being able to connect some of the dots. >>brian: jeff bauman lost both of legs. he was able to before the bomb blew up make eye contact with the bomber. he knew when he woke up from the drugs taken because of the pain and surgery to quickly sketch what he saw to help police find the guy.
bradley cooper, the award-winning actor, came in, found his way into his bedroom and into his hospital room and there he is pictured with jeff bauman, who has to feel pretty good about the role he played. >>john: jeff's image being pushed in that wheelchair away from the carnage became one of the iconic scenes of the bombing. the information he was able to give the f.b.i. helped them latch on to the two suspects and start the process that resulted in their photographs being released. >>alisyn: to be that clear-headed during a time of crisis, unbelievable. if you're just waking up, let's look back to what has gotten us to this point this morning. >> this is a fox news alert. there are reports of gunshots on the campus of m.i.t. >> the building is surrounded by responding agencies. the situation is considered active and extremely dangerous. nothing to indicate that
there is a connection between what happened here on boylston street and what is going on on the campus of m.i.t., but the chronology is all there. [gunshots] [yelling] >>alisyn: there's a big case underway still in boston following a police shooting that happened on the campus of m.i.t. an officer was shot and killed there. there were two suspects on the run earlier. we're hearing one is in custody and there is still one the police are trying to find. >> these guys apparently are under the [inaudible] hand grenades, dynamite, improvised explosive devices. >> what you're seeing is the back end of a crime scene that goes at least four blocks.
we know that they are looking for a suspect. they know that they will use explosives. they know that they will fire. as we heard mark fuhrman, a police officer himself before, whether this is a larger scene or just a robbery, these guys are playing for keeps and they are not afraid to shoot. >> we are trying to get information out to the people who live here that they should stay in their homes and not open their doors unless police officers are there. we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who is coming here to kill people. >> boston police say one suspect is dead, another suspect is on the run and not accounted for. that second suspect would be the person described as suspect number two wearing the white hat and the images the f.b.i. put out as you see screen right. >> at large now, according to state police, is the individual identified as suspect number two, who had the whitecap on when the f.b.i. released the video, released the images.
now they've just released the most recent image of him with that gray hoodie on. >> suspect number one, age 26, with roots out of chechnya and russia is dead. suspect number two said to be his 19-year-old brother is still at the moment on the loose, and there is a massive manhunt throughout the city and surrounding communities in and around watertown, massachusetts, to find that 19-year-old and to take him into custody. >> we are progressing through this neighborhood, going door to door, street to street. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. we do not have apprehension of our suspect this afternoo now in does town boston there are police in squad vehicles streaming in that direction. i see two men in front of that and they are flying past. >> shots fired and a suspect is down. this is according to a state police source. the suspect is down.
>> the suspect number two, if you are just turning on right now, suspect number two has been arrested after a long negotiation and a standoff outside of franklin street in watertown. >> i don't know if you could hear it but our own shepherd smith is asking the question during last night's press conference, why wasn't the boston bombing suspect read his miranda rights? >>brian: he doesn't have the right to remain silent or the right to an attorney. investigators did that on purpose. why is that? >> goldman used to work for the department of justice prosecuting terrorists like timothy mcveigh and terry nichols. there are exceptions to the miranda warning? >> there are exceptions to the miranda warnings. since the miranda case in 1966, the supreme court carved out a number of different exceptions where the police don't need to read the miranda warnings to a suspect and can still introduce in the statements that the suspects make into
evidence. >>brian: do you believe this information warrants that exception? >> i do not. i think the government is taking a chance by deciding to go ahead and interview the suspect, future defendant without reading his miranda rights. the exception that they are citing is the public safety exception from a 1984 case, where a suspect was arrested after putting a loaded gun somewhere that supermarket. as the police were driving away, they asked him what he did with the gun, and he told them where it was. the police were able to recover a loaded gun. but in that case the danger to the public was immediate. here, i think we're talking about potentially interviewing this guy, the younger brother, when he wakes up in the hospital after the police have been satisfied that the immediate danger is gone. i think it's a risk. >>alisyn: when you say you think it's a risk and they're taking a chance, you mean because they're not reading him his miranda
rights they might not be able to prosecute him sufficiently? >> no. i think there is a chance any statements he makes after giving an un-mirandized statement might be suppressed. i don't necessarily think that would be a huge bar to the prosecution here. they seem to have a lot of other evidence against this guy already. >>brian: was there a provision under the patriot act that would allow us to question him because of public safety and because there could be an affiliation with al qaeda? >> there's nothing in the patriot act that really affects the constitution or miranda. the patriot act does give the government more investigative powers in a number of different ways but it doesn't create any additional exceptions to miranda. >>john: if this kind of attack had been carried out on u.s. troops, say, in afghanistan, it would be -- he would be considered the -- the perpetrators would be considered enemy combatants. the fact that it happened on u.s. soil, why does it
change that? >> it doesn't necessarily change it. i mean, there is a legal case you could make for treating this guy as an unlawful combatant and giving him a military commission. >>john: but in that case there would not be miranda warnings read; correct? >> no, i don't think that is correct necessarily actually. there are -- you know, the supreme court has issued a number of opinions about military commissions and military commissions now contain a lot of the same protections and rights for defendants that civilian trials do. >>brian: are you saying in iraq, if you catch a guy planting an i.e.d., the soldiers are reading them their rights? >> no, of course not. >>brian: that's what i think the point is. what's the difference? >> the difference is in iraq, obviously the priority is not on preserving any statements for trial. the priority is on ensuring the troop safety. i think you could take that
distinction a little bit far. i mean, here the immediate priority is not geared toward making sure you're preserving statements for trials. it's making sure you've caught everybody and the public safety is protected. i just think that once the smoke settles in this case, that the government would be taking a risk if they decide to go forward with an un-mirandized interview. >>alisyn: aitan goalman, thanks for the information. >>brian: we don't know if there is a bigger cell, second wave. >> at this time he has not been told he has the right to remain silent. that's all we know. that will be a big controversy in the days and weeks to come. >>brian: ahead, president obama said the only way to avoid terror attacks is to refuse to be terrorized.
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>>john: a fox news alert and the headline: the second suspect sought in the boston marathon bombings has been arrested. he is in the hospital tphoup. police will intel gate him as soon as -- police will interrogate him as soon as they can. our next guest says the u.s. is vulnerable to attacks like soft targets. we have the senior council on foreign relations here to skpwhraeupb. -- to explain. pretty hard to say after a week where a million plus people in the boston area were rattled there. >> that is exactly what these bombers were after. the anarchists of the 19th century described terrorism as propaganda by the deed. a way to grab headlines because terrorists are far too weak to inflict serious
military defeats on any security force or army. the most they can hope to do is to set off a few bombs and thereby gain publicity for whatever mad cause they may have. for that definition, one would have to say that the marathon bombers achieved their objective, at least for a week. >>john: i was struck by just the repugnance of what i have seen on-line. tamerlan, the older brother now dead, wanted to be an olympic boxer. pretty tough guy, almost 200 pounds. he's in the ring slugging it oufrplt and yet they -- slugging it out there. yet they drop a backpack bomb and kill two beautiful women and an eight-year-old boy. >> it's heart breaking but all too typical of terrorists who have this web of ideas in their heads that justify taking human life for what they see as some larger cause. clearly the brothers had
been radicalized and indoctrinated into this radical islamic theology which makes it proper to kill so-called infidels. it is a terrible tragedy. >>john: americans seem to understand what we're up against. the poll was ask americans can we ever make this country completely safe against terrorist incidents like the one in boston. 11% said yes. 75% said no. americans seem to know maybe that this is what we face living in a free and open society. >> i think that's realistic. i think a lot of people -- myself included -- expected that after 9/11 there would be more such attacks because we are so vulnerable. we are so wide open. in fact, there have not been a lot of these attacks. some of them have been foiled, and that's a combination of great police work and we just got lucky. but we're not going to be lucky every single time. there's always going to be gaps into which our enemies can attack. we have to get used to that. we unfortunately have to live with a certain level of terror in the future.
>>john: as you say, terrorists are by definition weak, and i think that is something americans should remember. >> they are only going to win if we let them. >>john: max boot, author of invisible army. police say the pressure cooker bombs at the boston marathon are not the only explosives these two men produced. if i.e.d.'s are so easy to create is there any real way to keep our streets safe? next. using supercomputing and mobile technology over our secure network, verizon innovators are building a world of medical treatment data in the cloud. so doctors can make a more informed diagnosis from anywhere, in seconds rather than months. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers.
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>> the bombs these terrorists used in brawfn common in afghanistan and terrorists used in boston are common in afghanistan and iraq. now we're hearing about even the streets of india. what about the streets of america?
is this the new war? is there a way to keep our streets safe if we have e.e.d.'s being dropped left and right? we knew how the army and navy and marines were forced to adopt to trer attacks. what does homeland security have to do? >> first order of business is to figure out who is perpetrating these sorts of attacks and to be looking for them and to be stopping them, brian? if you're chasing after i.e. d.'s as we found in iraq and afghanistan, it is a losing game. if you can figure out who the enemy is and what kind of operations they're running, what kind of operatives they are recruiting, how they are doing that, that is a far more effective way of a couple of examples, the f.b.i., we're hearing about how they investigated or at least talked to one of these brothers, i'm not sure that they were asking the right sorts of questions because the f.b.i. has over the past decade been told they're not allowed to look for
jihad. their files have been purged of information about how even to understand jihad. they're now told they need to consult with folks like muslim brothers as to who are the proper people to do training. these are the sorts of things that leave us vulnerable, i believe, to not just this sort of attack but to far worse. i think that's what needs to be corrected first and then you can worry about the sort of counter i.e.d. problem. >>brian: people tried to tell us hassan was a nut. now we have the foreign government saying look out for this 26-year-old. interview him. now you're saying it is the f.b.i.'s fault they can't ask the questions they want to. >> this is a matter of policy under the bush and especially the obama administration, connecting jihad holy war and islamists who embrace it and believe it is their god-directed obligation to engage in it with the
attacks or terrorism we are supposed to be defending ourselves against has been impermissible. this is crazy and it has created, i think, vulnerabilities as has frankly the lessening of the engagement of the public in this war. you have been talking about it all morning the public helped enormously once those pictures wept up. it's very much the case that we need to have the public on the case all the time. it's kind of a question of are we on a war footing in the face of this jihadist threat. this global jihadist threat or aren't we? unless and until we are, i think we will wind up having a lot moornd worse of these kind of attacks. >> brian: do you believe there are other people involved with these two? >> there were other people involved certainly in providing, i suspect, freezing rain structure, training and support. we need to find them, too. >> brian: we will discuss hours and throughout the weekend. frank gaffney, thank you.
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it's super delicious! >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is saturday, april 20th. i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining us on this important news day. we start with a fox news alert. the 24-hour manhunt is is now over and the questioning of this teenaged terror suspect begins. we will take you live to the hospital where he is injured and under fbi watch. just moments from now. student. >> a foreign government says that suspect's brother has ties to terror. but now he is dead. will we ever know the real story? what the fbi knows and what the agency is still trying to figure out. >> all right. their friends call them normal. even sweet. what made these two brothers turn to terror? the soccer coach who knew their normal side joins us live. "fox & friends" hour 3 of four right now. >> alisyn: all right. let's get right to the developments this morning.
we appreciate you joining us. it has been an intense week in boston and there is a lot of news to report this morning because the terror is over there. prospect -- suspect number 2 dzhokhar tsarnaev is in boston in hospital this morning an intense 24 hour standoff and with police shootout last night. here is new video of that exchange. [gunfire] [bleep] >> eric: the 19-year-old found in the back of a boat of a town of a home in watertown, not far from where his brother was killed in a shootout with police. homeowner noticed a strap cut on his boat. he saw pealed back was the
shrink wrap. he lifted it up and found tsarnaev inside covered with blood. >> jon: the homeowner dialed 911. police rushed to the scene. they tried to negotiate with him to give himself up. as you just heard tsarnaev was not going down without a fight. police were able to take him alive, despite all of that gunfire. many of those shots you just heard may have been the so-called flash bang grenades that are designed to startle and shock a suspect, not necessarily to fire a bullet. >> alisyn: that's what some of the neighbors who overheard all of this, that's what they believed that it was because there was such a rapid fire succession of explosions. this morning we have live team coverage of the dramatic new developments. molly line is live in watertown where all this went down. the latest on the investigation. first we want to go to adam housley live in front of beth israel hospital on the suspect's condition. do we know if he is alert or conscious? >> well, we don't know that for sure. in fact, we do expect some
sort of conference or information to come out this morning from the hospital. i can tell you this. that we're told he is in serious condition. simple way. outside they still have a significant police presence here. right now six officers out front. anybody who goes inside that hospital has to have proper identification. they check bags, purses, whatever it may be. you are seeing this type of security all over the hospital. this is a large campus here in boston. beth israel is where he was brought. same hospital where his brother was brought and was pronounced officially dead. also the same hospital where a number of those people that were injured from the blast saw monday were brought as well. some of them are still recovering. we are told there are at least two injuries that he has that are due to gunshot wounds. one of those definitely came from that first initial gun battle. they are not sure if both came from, at least that's something they haven't told us about. we do know one is to the head or neck region. the other is to the leg. also some other injuries he suffered as well. we are told at this hour the number one concern, of course, is to ensure that
he survives. they believe that is going to be the case. his floor is guarded as well as his room. we do again, expect to hear something from the hospital at some point although they have been deferring to the fbi and, again, the fbi has not yet spoken this morning. although we did see two fbi agents leave here 4:30 this morning. their car had been here since we got here last night. they came out and did not speak to us. we tried to talk to them. they were not allowed to comment. they got in their car and left. at this hour once again he is here in serious condition. we are told that his miranda rights were not read to him which means they could theoretically ask him questions, guys. we don't if that has happened as of yet. medical professionals will tell them when they're allowed to start those questions and hope we get some answers. >> brian: you don't have anything scheduled today in terms of the media. are you surprised that the fbi is leading the charge? >> no. you know, brian, that's a good question. in fact, we have seen a number of different officers from different offices here. not just fbi but you're
also seeing other officials, other law enforcement, especially boston ph.d. as well. you know, fbi has been leading this from the beginning. at least that's what we have been told. we have not heard anything. i have been told they do expect to tell us something. they have not given us any kind of hour or press conference availability. our sources last night giving us information before they all went to bed, of course, some law enforcement officials here didn't get a lot of sleep. as some of them do catch up on sleep here behind me you still have a number of them that are serving and ensuring that this guy stays out of harm's way and at the same time has no chance of getting out of here. back to you guys. >> jon: adam housley, thank you. just imagine you are slated to give birth. you go into labor this morning and roll up to beth israel hospital and see that kind of police presence. >> there has been a lot of nerve-racking in boston for the past week that have changed people's plans. >> jon: hold off on the labor. going into labor. >> brian: i guess all the hospitals, too. we know three other people have been taken into custody and being questioned about the
marathon bombing. molly line is live in watertown. molly, there is no sirens behind you. that's a little different than yesterday. no convoys of law enforcement. what do we know? >> brian, alli, jon, that's true. no sirens. quite a relief this morning for this neighborhood, this community of watertown. a lot of ground was covered. this is from the new bedford police department that a federal search warrant was issued between 5:30 and 6:00 at an apartment complex often used as a rental area for college students. we also know that the suspect number 2 that spent the entire day on the loose here in watertown. joe was a student there. cops executed this federal search warrant to execute the premises of this apartment complex. the suspect is believed to have resided at that apartment at one point in the past in the recent past investigators think that he may have had some friends over there that they would like to speak to. three individuals were actually taken into custody. they were not put under arrest but they were being
questioned. not at the police department but no longer at the local police department but it was described as two males, one female, college-aged. there were no evacuations in the area when this happened. there was no gunfire exchanged. very quiet. police were in and out and under an area. the u mass dartmouth heavy presence there. once it became clear to the university that joe was a student there at the university, classmates throughout the week had been telling reporters that dzhokhar was on throughout the week and goings about his normal business. there was activity at the u mass dartmouth campus. >> alisyn: incredible he was able to go about normal business after the bombing. we want to bring in governor huckabee right now to get his thoughts on everything that has transpired in boston this week. governor, great to see you. >> good morning. >> alisyn: are you satisfied, governor, that there were no warning signs
that his -- that campus police or the fbi or anybody could have picked up on before this happened on monday? >> the fact that the fbi had questioned the older brother is indicative that they are really monitoring very carefully a lot of things that we probably don't think about. but to ever believe that any federal agency, that the united states of america can monitor every person's thoughts and their speech and what they are on any given moment feeling passionate about is impossible. i think it's a great warning to us that islamic jihadism is one of those insidious kind of fires that burns deep in the hearts of some people that we don't know until they just explode some day as these two brothers did. >> brian: governor, just seeing how these convenience took place and seeing how the joint terrorist task force was able to take action. the fbi takes the lead. the way it was coordinated. you have done it as a governor of the state. you have dealt with it as
governor natural and unnatural. >> i think they did an excellent job. they didn't have a lot to go on other than the video. they put a terrific team together. you didn't see the sort of turf battles that we used to see in the past. one of the things that happened after september 11th, when the joint task forces were established is there was really a sense of agencies coming together. i remember the first time that the joint task force came together in my own state, you really saw that people put their ego aside, put the turf battles aside. they recognized that they were going to have to cooperate, share information. there couldn't be a lot of grandstanding. i think you saw that in boston. it's to the credit of everyone from the police chief, the mayor, the governor, all the way up the ladder to the president in this case for not trying to grab some piece of this and, instead, really focus on getting these guys. >> jon: so many of the pieces of their lives that we're threading together in the wake of the bombings and what we know about
them, i mean, they don't necessarily scream islamic terrorism. dzhokhar was american citizen naturalized on 9/11 i believe a year and a half ago. he wrote on his web page that he was, you know, a muslim but he said his goals were making money, among other things. are there questions that we should be asking or that the fbi should be asking that we're not? >> you know, jon, i don't think we'll ever be able to have 100% accuracy. that's the scary part of terrorism. if it were perfect science we can sit back and relax and say we will catchall of them. what you described is the reason this is such a threat to america. we live in a free society. that's the best part of it that's why people want to come here. with our freedom there comes some risk that a lot of people don't have because maybe in their governments they do monitor their every action and they restrict their every action. it's part of the price we pay for freedom.
i hope what this does is tells us that we can't be naive and attempt to be politically correct when this comes to saying we face a clear and present danger with really global jihadism. and it is a strategic. it is a thoughtfully planned effort to kill every last one of us. this is not about just making us uncomfortable. this is about irrad did i indicating every one of us. we have got to quit acting like it's not that serious because it is. >> alisyn: governor, after 9/11 we all had to start taking our shoes, that was after the shoe bomber possible threat, take off our shoes at airports. get rid of our little shampoo bottles. >> because of a plot in london. >> alisyn: what changes after this attack at the marathon? >> you know, i had a great conversation with the head of ll security in israel in israel a few years ago. one of the things he told me is the reason that they really have a better record of thwarting a lot of these situations, particularly on their airline, which has never had ain't, even
though it's the targeted airline is that they understand that the common denominator in terrorism is not a shoe, it's not underwear, it's not even a pressure cooker, it's a person with an intent. whereas we are so careful not to profile anyone, they profile everybody, and they are looking at the people, rather than the particular item that might be used because whatever is used today is probably not going to be the weapon that will be used in the next terrorist attack. >> brian: governor, on a side note, this would be the first time i have had a chance to see you in person since the early 1980s and again you don't have a show this week and i'm a little upset. >> actually, we do. we are going to be live tonight and tomorrow night. all of that changed late last night. that way you don't have to sit and just cry all night, brian, because i know how disappointed you would be. >> brian: i will get -- huckabee. >> thank you very much. >> brian: doing it for america. >> jon: brian wants to sing backup.
>> that's it. >> brian: backup bass like backup off the stage. >> alisyn: let's no go overboard. we will tune in tonight. >> thank you. >> jon: accused of placing a bomb next to a little boy, shooting a cop in cold blood somehow nobody saw this coming? are these guys part of a larger terror cell? we'll look at that next. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful?
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yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? >> brian: we're learning more about the boston terrorist suspects. the fbi interviewed the oldest brother tamerlan two years ago over concerns he had extremist ties. that report came from a
foreign government. was this a sleeper cell? are were there other warning signs. al allege joining us now is steve emerson. >> good morning. especially pleased to speak to brian because i know he always wanted to be a rock star. >> brian: with huckabee. >> alisyn: brian has always studied terrorism since 9/11 and this one is a peculiar one, steve, i think you you would agree because they are from chechnya. do you think that this is the start of something in terms of chechnya targeting the united states or are these just two disaffected young men in america who didn't quite fit in and they are lone wolves. >> they fit in perfectly well. they went to very nice schools. one was, you know, an accomplished boxer. their transition into terrorism was because of something much larger. that's jihadism. they weren't chechnyaen separatists. those are never attacked the u.s. they were attracted by the
jihad ideology. that's why they were interviewed by the fbi. because they believe in something, it's not a criminal predicate. when you act on something, violently, against the law, that's when it becomes a criminal predicate. if you ask the question, are they part of a larger plot, no, i mean, if they were, they would have had an escape car, they would have had cash, they would have had a safe house. these guys acted pretty much alone. the larger con texas is that the common denominator with them and those that carry out attacks in london or madrid or italy or the middle east or in cairo is the fact that they believe in this i jihadist ideology that violence is acceptable to impose islam because islam is under threat, in their beliefs by the west. that's really the basic fundamental reason why these guys carried it out. you know, the transition ultimately, brian, radicals ideology is not something you can measure on a scale,
it's something you can tell internally and free in an open society until you act on it. >> brian: right. so, steve, he had no job, necessarily, but they're buying pipe bombs, they are buying these kettle pressure cookers. they are able to stay in an apartment. they actually had a car between them, going to college that we know, living together we think. and then we find out, too, that they really didn't mind dying because they took the guy who they carjacked. they threw him out and they essentially said tell everyone we are the marathon bombers. the other guy had on a suicide vest or some semblance of that, at which time he looked as though he was going to put together a second wave of attacks once his pictures were posted. but, yet, when push came to shove, they hid and tried to avoid arrest. how do you characterize that mind set? >> if you look at mohammed attah the ringleader of 9/11. track his dissent. first he was is a secular
graduate student. then he got lured into a mosque. then he became active in the afghan soviet jihad. and then he became active in the larger jihad. it's a gradualist process. the humanity somehow becomes less important than ideology. you can be standing next to an 8-year-old kid, put a pipe bomb there and watch him get blown up and not have any second thoughts or remorse? that's somebody who loses their humanity because they have a higher ideology. they are doing it for the sake of, in this case, jihad or radical islam. and that is the prevalent ideology right now of governing most terrorist attacks in the world. >> alisyn: steve emerson, thanks so much for joining us with your expertise on terrorism. we appreciate it. >> brian: all right. see what happens. we look into the background of both of these. they both have youtube channels. >> alisyn: mention that. the youtube channels with these inflammatory videos from this fire brand cleric in australia that talked about this, how you have to give your life for a higher
calling. >> brian: coming up straight ahead. we know the suspects accused of bombing boston. we know that now it's time to hear from the heros. up next the doctor in the issues seen his vision for justice. ♪ using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field.
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>> jon: a fox news alert. if you are just waking up, the suspect who had been sought in connection with bombing of the boston marathon has been captured. his brother killed. but the act they carried out is far from forgotten. our next guest was helping fatigued runners just one block from the finish line of the marathon when the first blast went off. he didn't have time to think before he jumped into action. here to describe the scene that day and how he feels about the bombers being brought to justice, the
surviving one at least, dr. martin lavigne a professor of family medicine at the toro college of osteopat thick medicine and practicing physician in new jersey. you were helping that day expecting to help people with cramps and exhaustion and a bomb goes off, what a block away, less than that? >> it was about a block away. i was actually at the entrance to the aid tent. which is somewhere where i go to when i finish working with the elite athletes. while i was standing i said count the runs per minute crossing the finish line he said 100. i said we will be here an hour. 6,000 more runners out there to deal with from the standpoint from the medical team, we do take care of mass casualties, they are just not as ill and not as injured. and the key is we last year took care of 2300 people at the boston marathon with some severe illnesses, 104 to 108 temperatures. we had to take care of those temperatures.
>> jon: this year's marathon became a whole different story. dealing with people who had lost limbs. >> absolutely. when we ran down there, as we are running, the second bomb went off. and you get a little back of your mind sort of saying what are the chances of a third bomb at the moment here? regardless, you have to get to these people. first bombing victims and the first thing you noted was gentleman who had both legs completely torn off and others with similar one-leg injuries. and then as we started examining them we saw most of the other people had back of the leg injuries because the bomb was behind them and hit them from behind. >> so, to have seen what happened, carried forward over the week, the suspect identified on thursday. and then the search and ultimately the successful -- the successful nabbing, i guess, of these two suspects, one dead one now
hospitalized. what does that do to you? >> i think coming out of the copley plaza area that was in lockdown on monday evening as i was leaving the area. i didn't realize i was walking with two fbi snipers at the moment until i realized people were photographing us. the feeling of any loud noise was a very bad startling reflex to me. i know that a lot of people in boston that were there at that time were trying to get some closure and say are we safe now or not? and i think that now obviously with what has happened over the week, we have -- we will feel safer, certainly and most people of boston will feel safer. >> jon: terrorists are trying to get inside our heads. you said in your case they have succeeded a little bit. >> well, there is no question that when someone like myself and even others and i was at an antiterrorism symposium yesterday and the day before talking to some of the navy seals, secret
service, fbi, cia, i said i'm still having a little ptsd here and they said well, you will here for a period of time. please continue to talk about it with us or with others and that's what i'm doing. so, yes. >> jon: i'm sure you saw horrific things that day at the finish line. >> very, very horrific. >> jon: we know you saved some lives and the country is grateful to you for that. >> i appreciate that. >> jon: dr. martin lavine. friends say they are angels, family says they are sweet. the soccer coach who says they saw their normal side joins us live. i'm phyllis, and i have diabetic nerve pain. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain,
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: just announcing to the crowd the fact that the boston police have apprehended the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing and we are all thrilled to hear that. [chaptering u.s.a.] >> brian: moments after hearing the second marathon bomb suspect was in custody, captured and the -- similar action on the ice. [chanting u.s.a.] >> we verbiating through
the center here. and the fans react. [cheers and applause] >> it was a day of high drama in the city of boston. by the way the bruin game. >> brian: st. louis blues fans chanted with emotion u.s.a. right there on the stadium scoreboard. that's pretty cool. boston sports has been grinded to a halt because you have got fenway park closed twice now last week on monday and then the bruins were shut the celtics were cancelled earlier. now hopefully things go back to normal. >> jon: they need a release after a week like this. >> brian: if he they're planning a second wave and seemed to have been spurred into action after their pictures went forward. boston marathon you don't even know if their second hit would have been at fenway park right in the area. >> alisyn: good point. you have no idea what they were planning other than arsenal was found at their house, all sorts of ied's assembled but unexploded pipe bombs were found at their apartment. so they were planning something else.
but meanwhile, cheers when the police finally located the second suspect, after this 24-hour manhunt in watertown, as the police were leaving, watertown residents had come out and lined the streets and cheered everybody. it was reminiscent of 9/11 when the firefighters would drive by and people were in the streets. >> jon: i was down there for some of that it was amazing. >> alisyn: you know, police do god's work every day. they do it without being in the limelight but because this one was on the national stage, everyone got to see it up close and they got the kudos that they deserved. >> brian: let's listen to some of it. [. [cheers and applause] >> i really can't put it into words right now. i'm overwhelmed, excited that we have him in custody and it's done with and we
can probably sleep at ease tonight, i would say. i mean, you have to thank these people. [ applause ] thank you. you have to. >> this is our neighborhood. this is our home. this is where we spend every single day of our lives like three times walking down the street a day. so, right now, feeling a sense of relief and as that cop drove by and that gave that fist pump it was like yeah. it was great. >> knowing that one of the men are dead and the other one is now in custody and he is still alive so we still have chance to hear what the reasoning behind it is. it brings a sigh of relief. [chanting u.s.a.] >> alisyn: boston was happy last night when there was a resolution to this very dramatic and deadly week. meanwhile, this morning we are actually hearing more information from the father of the suspect who called his sons angels and that suspect number 2, dzhokhar, we have learned was apparently partying with
some of his friends this week, days after the bombings. >> brian: on campus. live in washington now with details elizabeth friend. elizabeth, they were just working out, having a good time, right? >> life back to normal for him, apparently. a day after the blast which killed three and injured more than 100. witnesses say the young suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was seen acting normal despite his alleged actions. he was partying with co-ed's and media ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe, people, that's a jay-z lyric. according to a university of massachusetts official, the 19-year-old was on campus wednesday. he used his key card to swipe into the gym and work out. his father was in tears when he talked about his sons in the states. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly framed them, but they did. they framed them and then they were so cowardly that they shot the boy dead.
>> but the father had a very different tone in other interviews. he told abc earlier in the day, quote: give up. you have a bright future ahead of you. come home to russia. and then after finding his son was taken alive he advised him across the globe to, quote: tell police everything. everything. just be honest. the father also says his sons are, quote: very nice kids who have no experience with weapons or explosives, telling our own amy kellogg tamerlan, the older son was a boxer, father himself of a 3-year-old and jazz musician and that dzhokhar was training to be a dentist. even at one point describing his once fugitive son as a smart and accomplished angel in his words. alisyn? brian? jon, back to you. >> alisyn: so interesting to look at the background. >> jon: disturbing to hear the father say cowardly, saying police were cowardly in shooting his older brother? i mean, talk about cowardly. planting bombs by site of a
marathon. >> brian: he was questioned for taking pictures of the world trade center. there might be something there with the family. let's see what happens down the road. so, just what were the two brothers actually like? our next guest actually knows because he knows the family. he helped coach dzhokhar when he was on a jv soccer team in cambridge. familiar with the older one because of his boxing prowess. >> jon: been inside of their home. like others, is he trying to digest the twists and turns of this story. >> alisyn: joining us now is cambridge resident louise vasquez. hello. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: tell me about these boys. you were a soccer coach -- you were a coach at least for is it dzhokhar? >> yes. >> what was dzhokhar like? >> he was an outgoing kid. he never set himself aside. he was never alone. he was always with somebody. nothing really stood out in
him that maize him quote, unquote, weird. you hear the term normal being tossed around a lot. that's for a reason. both of them were kind of normal. that's it. >> jon: did they ever talk politics? >> not around me, no. the closest to politics that we ever even got was when i would speak to big brother tamerlan about where he was from and didn't really go much beyond that. never went into religion or anything. >> brian: one the interviews, tamerlan says i don't have a single american friend. is that the guy you knew? >> it's not the guy i knew. it's not. because he was approachable as big and as tough as he could be because he was a boxer and he was a little bit more of a reserved person. he was still approachable and he was friendly to people. he would look you in the eyes and ask how you are doing and he would care. >> brian: what does it tell you about him knowing that the younger one, who is clinging to life right now. we hope he survives to tell
us what he was thinking. what do you know? the fact is, he was wearing a hat. you said you never saw the older one wearing a hat. and the younger one in particular was able to work out the day after he blew up an 8-year-old. >> alisyn: louise, can you hear us? >> i'm sorry, can you repeat the question? >> brian: what do you make of the fact that the guy you say was normal was able to blow up an 8-year-old one day, blow the legs off at least 30 people and injure close to 200 and the next day go back to school and be a typical co-ed working out that same day? what does that say about the guy? >> it speaks very lowly of him. very lowly. and honestly, i think this pattern that he is being caught up in and that being the latest twist of the story. i think he was just a follower. i don't think that he was a
mastermind behind this. i'm not defending him at all because what they did was disgusting and insulting to americans and people all around the world. but he, i believe, truly is a follower. did he not orchestrate. this i don't think he was capable of that is he weak. that's why he came out alive, which is a benefit to the world, to know why, what happened. please tell us more. >> jon: you are going to be something of a case study, louise. in the weeks and months ahead, americans are going to be told okay, there are terrorists among us, if you have any suspicions at all, of the folks in your day-to-day circle, you you should report them to police or the fbi. so, as you think back on your encounters with both of these bombing suspects, nothing at all would have caused you to, you know, pick up the phone? >> nothing at all. nothing at all. and, you know, i stopped seeing tamerlan around. you know, i would see him around after high school. and about two years ago, i
just stopped seeing him. i would ask friends. i would ask people that knew him, associates, where is tamerlan? what's up with him? how is he doing? no one seemed to know. they would assume i think he is back in his country. and then the latest update i got was on monday, and it was pretty horrific. i'm really curious and interested to know what happened in the past year or two that made them flip the switch into evil? >> jon: when the photos came out on thursday, did you recognize them? did you say wait a minute? that's dzhokhar? >> i did not. i did. no and the reason being, when i coached little brother, he had more of a baby face. and in the pixel lated atedo and i think pixel is the key word. hard to pick him out as somebody. he had more facial hair and more -- he had more scruffy look. and big brother, tamerlan, he hardly ever wore a hat. he had a hat on.
he was cleanly shaven. he had the glasses on. and that's not his regular look from what i remember. >> alisyn: luiz vasquez thank you for joining us with your personal impression of these guys. so disturbing to think that there are no red flags and that nothing jumps out at you and that they were just sincere nice guys. that was your experience. thanks for sharing that. >> thank you. the crime does not fit the memories. i appreciate you having me on. >> jon: well put. >> brian: good luck with your season. entire town on lockdown. entire city in fear and nation watched. dr. marc siegel how we handle the crisis next. so frees
redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. what's this one do? i dunno. the name's bear, fancy bear. score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in fancy bear slider still in beta.
>> when terrorist planned the boston marathon bombing, they probably picked their location on purpose with explosives placed along the finish line. television cameras could capture the carnage and a nation could watch in fear. that's because killing is not their only goal. they are also interested in spreading fear. dr. marc seagull say terrorists. i want to hear about how the terrorists don't have to win. because, first, let's talk about how everyone was at that scene, including many people in boston, including many of us who watched it on television could be having some -- little bits of ptsd after suffering such a traumatic event this week. >> alisyn, absolutely. three layers of response here. people at the finish line. then there is people that were in boston when it got
locked down yet yesterday. then there are the rest of us attaching voiristicly news. research by elizabeth phelps showed that watching a video of the violent event can effect you physiologically as if you were actually in the event. we have to watch out for the event. alfred hitchcock said famously when he was asked about the film the birds he said how can you do this to people? he said look you get to turn the projector off and go home. it's only entertainment. this ♪ entertainment. we need to look at this in a way where we have a positive view. i think it's been handed to us. do you know what it is? no i want to ask you about that. we think it's so terrible and nra negative and terrorizing. >> the fear not bombs. set off a bomb but the rest of us panic. they are courage. they are the courage of the medical responders that came and saved people. brought them to the hospital. they are the courage of the surgeons who worked through the night and saved these
people. how about the cops? how about the fbi? what a great story about what happened yesterday. they caught the second guy. they brought him in alive. what a great narrative that is we have been featuring that on tv. the more we feature that the better. the same center of the brain that processes fear, courage, caring, laughter and faith. we should bring in our faith in a time like this. >> alisyn: that's beautiful. you i saying any of us still feeling rattled and anxiety after this should focus more on the her roker stos from what happened daily activity. watch this when alisyn alisyn went on to watch us. see how much business as usual. if you are calm, your kids are going to be calm. if you teach your kids worry. they worry. so get back to business as usual. exercise. have your regular routines and focus on the courage narratives. not the fear narratives.
>> beautiful hamilton that comes out in the times of christ. >> american spirit. look what happened. >> alisyn: thank you so much. always great to see u still ahead. bombs were trademark al qaeda but do they have ties to the middle east. how can they have been radicalized yet under the radar. we will explore all of that is right for me. you should try our coverage checker. it helps you see if you have too much coverage or not enough, making it easier to get what you need. [ beeping ] these are great! [ beeping ] how are you, um, how are you doing? i'm going to keep looking over here. probably a good idea. ken: what's a good idea? nothing. with coverage checker, it's easy to find your perfect policy. visit today.
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>> brian: the bombs were trademark al qaeda why haven't we found any clear ties to the terrorists in the middle east. could the brothers suspected in the bombings been radicalized under the radar in this country. here with more is defense specialist alisyn barey. what do you think? where did they learn how to make the bombs they used? >> right. the really scary thing is that you don't have to travel abroad to become radicalized.
i think that's one really chilling aspect we need to stress here. doesn't have any boundaries. gain access to mentors and establish a terrorist organization like al qaeda that you mentioned through the internet. you can download videos that will teach from you radical teachers and clerics. teach you how to avoid detection. seen that avoiding authorities. self-contained as a cell. how to build bombs has been widely discussed on that. >> brian: older one getting married, having a kid. boxer on. -- these examples of two guys looking to blend in and maybe not being able to? >> really great question, brian, we have seen a lot. unfortunately the u.k. is a little bit more ahead of the curve in terms of flourishing homegrown terrorism. all too frequently we have seen this pattern of young men, often a leader around the same age, often
brothers with, you know, a couple more people involved, who choose to -- it's more about -- less about real jihad and more about angry young men with a grudge, you know, an ax to bear. frequently they are children who came to the country at a young age, u.k. or america has welcomed them in and there is still that sort of resentment there. >> brian: something they did in 2011 alerted international officials, we believe it's russian intelligence to tell fbi to question them. and then he goes to russia in 2012 and becomes more and more into islam. then he goes back to praying five times a day. stops drinking, stops smoking and then we know what he did on monday. >> sure. sometimes -- i'm not surprised that people are surprised. because one common theme we usually see especially with american homegrown terrorists i don't know if they will show it in the pictures. i suggested we get some pictures of surprising homegrown terrorists.
suburban mom outside of philly. cases gone slightly unnoticed and very relevant and might help give answers to the viewers. we had a suburban mom, blonde, 46. radicalized her services on the internet. swedish cartoonist he did that prophet mohammed cartoon. blonde haired dad father of three, north carolina, living in the suburbs, local grocer, created his own cell, recrueltied several white americans into the cell. often people are very surprised. neighbors they describe him as like the nicest guy ever. >> brian: chechen connections, fighting in pakistan, area. alisyn beary, thank you. read year column on >> brian: straight ahead, lifeguard trained to save lives. the suspect's former boss says he saw a different side. [ male announcer ] we build things
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>> brian: suspect number 2 dzhokhar tsarnaev extensive shoot outwith police after being found hiding in a boat. they through a chopper used thermal imaging to see a body in there. in this is police radio sound of that take jowpdown. >> getting a report from water town of 67 franklin street. they have a boat with blood on it and they believe
someone is on the boat. >> someone in the boat trying to poke a hole. we have a person in the boat. a live party who is trying to poke a hole through the boat. [inaudible] live party in the boat confirmed. >> multiple shots. shots fired. >> multiple shots fired here, okay? everyone hold their fire. hold their fire. >> all units hold your fire. hold your fire. >> jon: the fact that they did hold their fire and were able to bring him in alive is going to be huge because they hope that this guy can answer some questions. >> hold the fire but there were bullet holes in the boat. and if you just are waking up, these are some of the photos you have not seen. the 19-year-old found in a boat in the backyard of a home in watertown.
not far from where his brother was killed in a shootout with police. >> alisyn: here is how it happened. the homeowner of the home where this boat was parked noticed a strap cut on his boat when the lockdown was lifted. he went outside for a smoke. he saw that his boat didn't look quite right. so he peeked inside the tarp and he saw the second. >> brian: a body. >> alisyn: a body covered in blood. he didn't know if he was alive or dead. he called 911. >> jon: more than that, he saw the boat didn't look quite right. he actually grabbed a ladder and put a ladder up against the boat, looks inside and there is the suspect hiding out inside. now, police surrounded the scene, there is the boat. you can see the right center of your screen the tarp that used to dover pretty well destroyed there by some of the gunfire. but, police surrounded the scene and after two hours tsarnaev was finally taken into custody. >> alisyn: we have live team coverage of these dramatic new developments.
fox news molly line is live in water town with the latest on the investigation. first, let's go to eric shawn is he live at beth israel hospital with the latest on the suspect's condition. hi, eric. >> hello, alisyn. dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in serious condition here at beth israel hospital here in downtown boston. we are told he is not able to be communicative yet. but he is expected to survive. doctors working on him when he arrived last night in that ambulance from the shooting scene in watertown which is across the water. we are told that he supposedly has two gunshot wounds, one to the head and neck. he did lose at love blood. obviously that homeowners who peeked into the boat saw bloody clothes and body in that boat full of blood not losing enough even though he was weak to be gauge in fuselage and gun fight with police officers 20 or 30 rounds last night as we heard. here at the hospital, the security is very tight. police presence through the this area. they ask for the i.d. and people who come in so
obviously they are not taking any chances. we're told that officials have a high suspect value target unit will at some point attempt to question him. he was not given his miranda rights under a little used public safety exemption in which police or the public are in danger. apparently they will try to find out a lot more about his background and his brother, whether his brother's reported trip to russia when he came back in july of last year. whether he engaged in any other potential terrorist plots. if they had any help. what the background is if they are part allegedly of a wider group and that sort of thing. across the river in the cambridge hospital. that is where 33-year-old richard donahue, wounded transit police officer is now in critical condition. he is devoted father and is described as that and is he expected to pull through, thankfully, but he remains in critical condition. this hospital by the way happens to be the facility where dzhokhar's brother was taken after that carjacking chase on thursday night. and that's where he died.
we are, of course, waiting for any updates from the hospital or the fbi on his condition but he is here. he has been capture ited. and that is the news that this city has been waiting for. >> brian: any indication on when the fbi is going to update us? >> not yet. we hoped that would come later on today at some point. we will of course bring that to you when we get any type of further update. >> alisyn: eric shawn, thanks so much. it's amazing this suspect was taken alive. his brother we know had an explosive vest on. police didn't know what they were going to encounter when they figured out he was in that boat. he didn't know if he was going to shoot him kill him. kill himself. it's amazing weighs found alive. >> brian: only thing i would add is that brother drove over him in a panic to get out of there. dragged had like 50 feet underneath the car. >> alisyn: we don't know exactly how he died. >> jon: dramatic new video of the police shootout with suspects dzhokhar tsarnaev. fox news molly line with the man who witnessed it
all. molly? >> absolutely. we want to take a look, of course, at this video. this was shot right here from the neighborhood on franklin street. looking across at where this capture, this final end of the manhunt actually happened. take a look at thin credible video. >> i'm here with bob, nephew also here. they live on the street. bob, what was it like? we know that they came in quietly, lights were flashing, we knew something was up and you went to the window? >> yeah. it was a long day. we were woke up the night before by the helicopters that were flying really low. we sat around all day and
glued to the tv set. when the ban was lifted and the lockdown was over. our instinct was to go out and to go get some exercise, ride a bike or something. we waited and thinking what if something happens because maybe it's a time for the suspect to move. and so we just sat there. [we heard chirps of the police cars and cars coming down the street and the fbi and running down the street. jumped up and grabbed his camera. and i had my iphone. so we just -- you know, stayed where we were. we had a view down the street from my condo. >> we could hear shots fired in this neighborhood. people were reporting that from blocks all around. what did you see from that vantage point? >> we could hear the shots. we saw the shots. there is a series of shots, the number of rounds that went off. and then it was quiet. then there was a bit of a gap in time. and then there was some more -- i thought some explosions and i think it
may have been some flash bombs or something. >> it was like being there for the rest of us who weren't just there across the street. what was it like in those moments of quiet after those gunshots. you know the suspect is there across the street trapped in this boat? >> it was still pretty terrifying. because at that point we didn't know if the gunshots had been successful or if the kid was on the move. we saw some of the officers retreat. we weren't sure if there was going to be an explosion. at that point we tried to keep the cameras up. we stepped away from the window and stared back into the house. >> thankfully it came to a close after that brought them and got them into the boat safely. thank you so much for talking with us this morning. sharing your story. the entire nation was glued to the television throughout the day watching. this thankfully any were hear to witness this what turned out to be a safe ending and capture at the end of the day. alisyn, bang to >> alisyn: molly, thanks so much. what an experience for the past 24 hours for all the people of watertown. nice to see them this
morning. >> jon: we are learning that the oldest suspect. known as suspect number 1 was questioned by the fbi way back in 2011 for possibly having extremist ties, but the case on him was closed. >> alisyn: joining us is jonathan guilliams, a former fbi special agent with joint terrorism task force as well as a retired navy seal and formal federal air marshall. you have done it all jonathan. >> i get bored easy. >> alisyn: you were talking to us while we were talking to molly that you think there could have been mistakes made at the finish line at the boston marathon they could have secured it better? >> sure. you typically see in any special event in some events like a marathon, the beginning you will have in the case of the marathon you have like 70,000 people there. but at the very end, you are going to have all those people congregating, you will have the families there and so typically the end of a event whether it's a yankee game or marathon is a very, very critical time. and it's a critical area. so you have to look at what the vulnerabilities are to that critical area. and you would typically
freeze that zone. >> alisyn: when you say freeze, you mean not allow backpacks to get into that square block radius? >> what good does it do to sweep an area with bomb dogs if they are not going to lock it down? >> brian: when you saw that the bags were sitting there it seemed like for a while as you have now seen the video come through, is it easy for us to look at now and say that should have been picked up or for you as a security expert, what do you think? >> i think that there is an epidemic of unawareness in this country. eye no, ma'am trying to blame anybody. this is the deal it starts at the top with politics where they don't want to infringe on people's abilities to move about. at the same time, you have the public that is casting all their concerns on the law enforcement agencies. and so their awareness and the guy who woke up and told the police that, you know, this is the guy. he set the bag down there and it sat there for two and a half minutes. great on him for waking up
and seeing that. however, we as a public should have more awareness when somebody puts a bomb next to you. >> jon: we thought this was going to be the new normal after 9/11. people buying gas masks and chemical suits and so forth. we have kind of gotten away from that because there hasn't been much in the way of terrorism in this country since 2001. >> you can't let your guard down. and people say they want to have hope or they want to live in a bubble and not know about these things. but awareness is true freedom. it doesn't mean that you are -- you know, that you are closed off. being aware, if you go over to israel, they are aware of everything. if you park a car next to a bus stop and walk away, somebody is going to call. >> alisyn: you are right. by the way new york city does it great on new year's eve. a million people packed into times square. you can't bring a backpack and they haven't an incident there. >> brian: can't use a bathroom. >> even in those places you
have to be aware. if you are in one of those pins and you see something that's not right, you have got to let somebody know. >> alisyn: great reminder. jonathan thank you so much. >> jon: took authorities 10 years to find bib laden how did they catch the boston suspect in three short days. up next a former member of the fbi explains some of the secret techniques going on behind the scenes that helped crack this case. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
... ... fox news alert. the bomb suspect is now in custody. the survivor, at least. two of them motivated by extremism and their muslim faith. have we become too politically correct and is it hurting our ability to challenge the enemies. >> ceo of the cherdof group.
is homeland security prepared to combat these lone wolves if they become radicalized? is this the new normal? >> it is the new normal. this the day we all feared that would come. if anybody would take a bet 9-12 it would have taken something until the boston bombing. but what we're going to see it's imperative we learn from this incident. it will be the reality we have to call it what it is. >> you could say this is the first successful terror attack on first attack since 9/11 despite 13 people were shot dead at fort hood texas, they decided to classify that as workplace
violence. what do you think of that? >> you have to call it what it is. we can't address this problem without identifying what it is. fort hood was clearly a terrorist attack. he was in direct dialogue with anwar al-awlaki. we learn from this situation in boston. in the spectrum of addressing this threat is prepare and protect and after the incident, respond and recover. on the respond side, everyone deserves a gold medal in how well the overall team performed. on prepare, what we are learning one of their brothers actually had been tipped off previously. russian intelligence asked to look into the individual. we actively posted derogatory statements on his website and seen his youtube videos where he
likes radical sites. we have to step back and prepare and protect side of equation he should have been removed from the united states prior to this incidents. >> alisyn: what is the difference between how the administration is assessing this incident which they almost immediately did as terrorism, by yesterday that is what the president was calling it. the older brother here, the suspect was on his youtube videos seemed to be a fan of this fire brand muslim cleric out of australia, very similar to major nadal hassan. why are there different assessments for these two? >> it will be interesting to see how these unfold in the days ahead. in the older brother there were open signatures he was being radicalized. we have to ask ourselves, he wasn't even a u.s. citizen. he clearly had an influence on his younger brother who was part
of this plotted. so there could be three more people alive and 170 that weren't injured if in fact we are going to monitor open source information in a world where digital social media exists. one of the f.b.i.'s top priorities right now is modernizing but a thing called korea, it's a law that allows them both phones and the internet. that law is not sufficiently up to date today. there are all kinds of things the f.b.i. needs to do basic surveillance on the internet. this is something we need to call our lawmakers. >> alisyn: that seems like a necessity. >> jon: he was an american citizen, also a lifeguard and trained to save lives. why is he now accused of taking
lives. the boss said he saw a different side and joins us live. it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from, it only matters that it shows up and makes things better. in that spirit, verizon is proud to announce the powerful answers award. 10 million dollars in prizes for the best ideas. ideas so big, they have the power to change everything. whether it's our inspiration, or yours, the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. the powerful answers award from verizon.
>>. >> alisyn: we wanted to give you an update on another story. death toll continues to rise at explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. it leveled anything wayne four block radius. 14 bodies have been recovered. many have been identified as first responders. president spoke last night about it. >> our thoughts, our preparation are with the people of west texas where so many good people
lost their lives. i pledge that the people of west will have the resources they need to recover and rebuild. >> alisyn: a vigil was held in west texas. we'll keep you posted. >> brian: they are accused of carrying out a reign of terror but the father called them nice advertise but tamerian tsarnaev was partying and the bomber was going about life like he wasn't the bomber. >> the boy's father talking to his home in russia when reporters pressed him about his accused terrorist zblons somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who framed them,
but they did. they framed them and they were so cal ios they shot the boy dead. >> reporter: that boy is the older son, tamerian but according to him that dzhokar tsarnaev was training to be a dentist. but the father had a different tone in other interviews. he told abc earlier, you have a bright future ahead of us, come home to russia. then he advised them to help with everything. just be honest. father also tells that his sons were nice kids that has no experience with weapons or explosives. describing the younger son as very smart and accomplished angel. meanwhile, in the days after the bombing witnesses say the young suspect dzhokar tsarnaev was acting normal. he was partying with coeds and returning to social media, ain't no heart in the love of city
which is a reference to jay z-lyrics. the 19-year-old was on campus and he made a visit to the gym to work out. back to you guys. >> brian: unbelievable and we'll hopefully find out his mindset if he does survive his wounds. >> alisyn: thanks so much. we are going to have another join us. one of brothers was a lifeguard so instead of killing people, he was trying to save lives and how he was on the job from his boss. what pushes a man to terror. we'll go inside the mind of a killer with dr. keith ablow. vo: always one step ahead
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i dunno. speaking mongolian. score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in mongolian slider still in beta. >>. the people of boston erupting with shouts of u.s.a. after they got word that the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing had been successfully arrested. >> brian: we know three more were brought in for questioning and as far as we know they have
not been released. these guys couldn't have acted alone because the arsenal of weapons may require background and coaching and financing zbloolsz what a day for boston while the city was on edge because of this manhunt. let's take a look back if you are just waking up for how we got to this arrest last night. >> this is a fox news alert, reports of gunshots on the campus of m.i.t.. >> the situation is considered active and extremely dangerous but nothing on to indicate a connection between what happened on the street and what is going on the campus of the university but the chronology is all there.
♪ ♪ there is a big case in boston following a police shooting following on the campus of m.i.t.. we are hearing one suspect is in custody and still one police are trying to find. >> these guys are apparently armed to the teeth. hand grenades, dynamite. >> what you are seeing now is the crime scene because at least four blocks down there we know they are looking for a suspect, they know that they will use explosives. they know that they will fire. we heard mark fuhrman, whether this is a larger scene, whether it was just m.i.t. scene or robbery, these guys are playing
for keeps and they are not afraid to shoot. >> we are trying to get information out to the people that live here they should stay in their homes and not open their doors unless police officers are there. we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this is a man that has come here to kill people. >> boston police say one suspect is dead and one suspect is on the run and not accounted for. second person as suspect number two wearing the white hat in the images the f.b.i. put out. >> at large according to state police is the individual identified as suspect two, had the white cap on. when they released the images. they released the most recent image with the gray hoodie on. >> suspect one, with roots out of chechnya and russia is dead. his brother, 19-year-old is on
the loose and massive manhunt on surrounding communities in around watertown, massachusetts to find that 19-year-old and take him into custody. >> we are progressing through this neighborhood going door to door, street to street. we don't have any development in terms of the search. there has been no apprehension at this point. >> we do not have an apprehension of our suspect this afternoon. >> right now we are in downtown boston. there are police and swatted vehicles streaming in that direction. i see two men and they are flying past. >> shots fired and the suspect is down. this is according to a state police source. the suspect is down. >> suspect number 2, if you are just turning on right now, suspect number two has been arrested after a long negotiation on franklin street. >> alisyn: what a week for boston. obviously, when something
catastrophic happens, everyone always says, how could they do it? what went on in these people's minds? you rarely get a good answer to that. because he survived we may find out what the younger brother was thinking. and what about the mindset of a terrorist. >> you have to think about the crucible in which these young men were created. they were created partly surrounded by people who are irrational, who are rejecting of fact and could have left those boys feeling isolated psychologically and emotionally. there are many roads to radicalization. one may be mental illness. >> brian: it was gradual thing if there was mental illness there. this guy was going to high school. he was doing fine. he wanted to be a boxer. he wanted to box for the u.s.
team. he would only go box for the chief kneeian team if they got their own republic. the real question, what were their lives like? the 26-year-old was married. he had a kid. >> tamerian tsarnaev that died with an explosive vest, he had a wife and kid. the family of that wife, her name is katherine, judith the mother put out statement. our daughter has lost her husband today. farther of her child. we can't comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred in the aftermath of the patriots day horror we never really knew tamerian tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the horror he inflicted.
>> alisyn: that is chilling to hear the wife and the wife's family that we really never knew this person in our family. >> brian: she converted to islam. i just wonder if that under questioning she can honestly say she had no idea that her husband who spent a year away came back, praying five or six times, not drinking or smoking when he was and had no indication he was capable of this. we do know the knfk violence call in 2009 we assume it was involving her. >> alisyn: three-year-old daughter together, as well. we'll bring you more information and developments on that when we get it. he does not have the right to remain silent. no right to an attorney because his teenage bombing suspect number two was not read his miranda rights. investigators did that on purpose.
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giving him a right to remain silent? >> this is unique, what is circulating that law professors and scholars believe this narrow public safety exception at most the max would be 48 hours, so two days. now, the question would be when does the clock start ticking. when this invoked at trial, this is actually a defense, if the government tried to put something into evidence and at some point this individual's attorney said no that happened before the miranda dark they would say it's a public safety exception. if that were to happen, it's happened before in cases we know it's been 45 minutes, one hour. they knew the state of this individual when they announced this publicly to everyone, but it's a real question. there is not a definitive answer on how long this could really go before it's no longer an emergency for purpose of that exception. >> brian: we know he is guilty. he has admitted to the guy he is
bomber. i wanted to get the maximum out of his intelligence before he lawyers up before he becomes a celebrity? >> before he was apprehended we put together a memo why he should be treated unlawful enemy combatant. there is no real way to interrogate people to the full extent of the information that you wanted a terrorist situation when you are trying to comply with civilian court criminal law. 48 hours, this clock could be over before he is cognizant. maybe the court will allow it to go longer but you won't know it before trial. so you are risking a lot. all this has to happen. president invokes to declare someone an enemy combatted and the. no miranda, don't get a lawyer. the process may take longer, but
as you pointed out, who cares. we know this person will be in jail for the rest of their life or executed. >> brian: is he eligible for the death penalty? >> the main federal charge, there could be the conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and using a weapon of mass destruction and that carries with it the death penalty if anyone was killed. if they have video place that go bag, that is all i can think, they have such strong evidence they don't care what he says to them and try to use it in court at least. >> brian: we're looking at the track record of the attorney general and president. they are quick to read the miranda rights. underwear bomber got an hour. do you this think we have learned from that and understand this is national security. senator mccain and peter king are urging everyone to slow down and not read his rights.
>> they knew when they took him into custody what was wrong with him. they knew this wasn't someone they could talk to in that hour. they are going to try to stretch this exception out but never been stretched this long before even to date, this many hours. until we know another medical update an is cognizant, i think its miscarriage of justice that there is a system in place by our constitution with the authority and the president that no one would question if they believed this guy may know about other cells or other chechen islamists and what his brother was up to. >> brian: classify or categorize him as enemy koom combatant? >> then you could move into civilian trial. >> brian: your move eric holder. hopefully he'll hold out. what made these two brothers
turn on united states of america? have they been on our side? did they want it to be home? our next guest explains how the boston bombers are taking their religion to a darker side. how the muslim world should respond. it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from, it only matters that it shows up and makes things better. in that spirit, verizon is proud to announce the powerful answers award. 10 million dollars in prizes for the best ideas. ideas so big, they have the power to change everything. whether it's our inspiration, or yours, the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. the powerful answers award from verizon.
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>> alisyn: this is another case of muslim that was radicalized and when and how? >> joining us is a doctor. you are not hearing us. jon scott along with allison, can you hear us. are you able to hear us? >> good morning. >> jon: thanks for joining us. apparently there are indications that this bombing campaign was set off maybe to avenge some wrongs inflicted against muslims. give us an overall your take of the mind set here? >> i think what happens with this radicalization that we need to understand, there is process. these guys don't go to sleep normal americans wake up radicalized. this is process. what happens is the individuals don't bond with society. being american is not about boxing and soccer and being in
public school, it's about a political ideology. it's about diversity and pluralism. they are not identification with this. we created a project to identify them with american liberalism. after 7-7 in london, cameron developed muscular liberalism. we are not going to defeat radical islam unless we bond with their identity and protect them from inoculation of political islam that is part of ideology globally that comes from chechnya and al-qaeda and afghanistan that infects their mind, pulls them away and wants them to leave this life with this sort, look these guys were victorious. they created anarchy in boston and shut down an entire city. >> alisyn: explain how the muscular liberalism works.
these guys came here at eight years and 15 years old. they go did get a great education. they had a lot of opportunities. how do you make it even more appealing so they don't go towards radicalization? >> this is where it's for the muslim problem that needs a muslim solution. chairman king was vilified and those muslims that testified in the american muslim radicalization hearings on congress in 2011 and again in 2012, we is stead we need to identify how we can pull muslims away from this concept of the you is premise sism of the islamic state. it's an empty internal sense of soul is they want to bond to this identity of the other is of the end of time sense, of al-qaeda and islamism and islamic states. we need as american muslims to pull them why our families are
american. >> jon: doctor, thank you. >> alisyn: thanks so much. "fox and friends" in three minutes. most people think that after an accident,
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one more way you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ if you are just waking up, the good news is that the suspect in the boston marathon obama administrationing was captured after a 24-hour extremely nerve racking and dramatic manhunt in watertown. he was captured, he is alive in serious condition at the hospital. we will hopefully be able to get information from the authorities on if he is talking. >> the f.b.i. is in control of this. it's not about the hospital or about the surgeons. it's not their decision. it's the f.b.i. because he's a high value, i guess, suspect turns murderer. but if you watch some of the video and see this guy put the suitcase downers the backpack, which would be the bomb and kill three people and injured 200, you see him put it near an eight-year-old. that eight-year-old would die,
the sister would lose a leg. the mom would have brain damage. that is the martin family. >> right. and they have released a statement, on screen right now are the three fatalities as a result of the bombing. here is what the martin family had to say. >> our family wishes to salute the thousands of officers and acts from the boston, cambridge and watertown police and fire department, massachusetts state police, f.b.i., atf and other police departments and agencies who worked and collaborated around the clock to bring the perpetrators of monday's attack to justice. it worked. and tonight our community is once again safe from these two men. none of this will bring back our beloved martin, or reverse the injuries these men inflicted on our family and nearly 200 others. we continue to pray for healing and for comfort on the long road that lies ahead for every victim and their loved ones. >> here is a look at sop of the images from this past week.
>> move, move! ♪ ♪